4 things to do right now to avoid a major breach

The Orca Security 2020 State of Public Cloud Security Report

This study shows that public cloud environments are rife with neglected workloads, authentication issues, and lateral movement risk

The world of cybersecurity isn’t fair. Security teams need to secure everything, but attackers need only find one weak link. For most organizations, cloud workload security is dependent upon the installation and maintenance of security agents across all assets. This rarely happens, as this report shows.

Download the Orca Security 2020 State of Public Cloud Security Report:

• Benchmark your public cloud security posture against your peers

• Know the weak links and exploitation paths attackers are looking for

• Understand the common authentication issues hiding inside public cloud estates

• Learn the 4 key recommendations to avoid a major breach

About the Orca Security Public Cloud Security Report
Orca Security analyzed data from more than two million scans of 300,000 public cloud assets running on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Scanned accounts represent Orca’s customer base across numerous industries, including financial services, professional services, travel, cloud computing, online marketplaces, entertainment, and real estate, with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The breadth and depth of data in this report are possible because Orca SideScanning™️ sees 100% of the workloads inside each customer’s public cloud estate. The cloud scans ran from November 6, 2019, to June 4, 2020.